thatskyshop Authenticity Confirmation

Dear Sky friends,

First of all, thank you for your love and support for Sky! It's for fans like you that we worked hard to create the merchandise so you can have a deeper connection and build more memories from online to offline experiences. is the ONLY official merchandise shop. If you encounter any stores in any region selling “Sky merchandise”, please report to us. thatgamecompany is not responsible for merchandise from other sources. 


Authentification Guideline: 

  • TGC holographic laser sticker. 
  • If you purchased a STAR collection, the NFC-enabled chip will validate Sky ID, thus harder to counterfeit. Please look for these features on each item that you purchase. 

Thank you to the fans who report to us to protect our community. We are truly grateful!❤️


Little Oreo🐾 and TGC team