Lightseeker Umbrella (6045239443624)
Lightseeker Umbrella (6045239443624)
Lightseeker Umbrella (6045239443624)
Lightseeker Umbrella (6045239443624)
Lightseeker Umbrella (6045239443624)
Lightseeker Umbrella (6045239443624)

Lightseeker Umbrella


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Where there is light,
we shall follow.
Where there are souls,
we shall seek.
Under the magical umbrella,

The friendship we shall keep.  

The Lightseeker Umbrella is meticulously custom made, offering double-layer protection from both rain and sun. It withstands tough winds, blocks 99% of UVA and UVB light, and also changes color in certain conditions. 

Length: 88 cm
Diameter: 120cm
Weight: 500g
Ribs: Lightweight Fiberglass
Fabric: Double Layers with 99% UV protection
Tips: Custom-Made Translucent Blue Beads
Handle: Custom-Made Transluscent Blue Handle
Shaft: North American Maple Wood 

Designed with gratitude by thatgamecompany

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