Box of Courage

A bold selection of treasures to keep your spirit strong wherever you may go.

Cold wind howling afar,
Desolation unfurls into thin air.
Will the Ancients hear our sorrow,
And guide each soul through tomorrow?
"Never give up," they say,
"The sun will rise after the darkest day.
Embrace the tears and pain endured,
Courage cherishes victory or hurt.
Optimism builds resilience,
Faith leads to the true north."

  • Enchantment Play Fight Pins

    Both pins offer a play-fight to your friend regardless of your friendship level.

  • Dark Dragon Pin

    Rotate the thermochromic Dark Dragon Pin to explore its message or scan its STAR to test your courage.

  • Dark Dragon Bucket Hat

    An embroidered Dark Dragon Bucket Hat; the unisex design goes well with any outfit.

  • Recharge Socks

    Three pairs of Recharge Socks. So soft and comfy, they keep you covered in your next adventure.