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the Lightseeker Umbrella

Where there is light,
We shall follow.
Where there are souls,
We shall seek.
Under the magical umbrella,
The true friendship we keep lasts forever.

The Lightseeker Umbrella is designed with delicate details
and customized materials that mirrors the in-game prop. 

Exclusive waterproof NFC enabled STAR feature that
creates the unique in-game experience.

Kizuna AI China was born on June 30th, 2019, as the personality extension of Kizuna AI after the Chinese voice pack installation with the goal to "connect with everyone in China". She started to record her Sky journey on her Bilibili channel "AIChannel Kizuna AI China" in September, 2020. Kizuna AI China wishes to become friends with everyone and bring more love to the world of Sky.

Lightseeker Umbrella Q&A

Does the Lightseeker Umbrella look the same as in-game?

Yes. We drew many references from the in-game umbrella to recreate the twelve-bone frame, the canopy, the shaft, the cap, and the beads on the tip. The umbrella beads are also customized and hand-stitched for durability. Our designers meticulously designed the orientation of the handle so that when you hold the umbrella in the same direction as in Sky, the pattern on the canopy matches the in-game design. In our best effort to keep the original frame, color, and design of the in-game prop, we customized each umbrella part and repeatedly optimized materials, colors, and the overall effects throughout our developmental process. This final version of the Lightseeker Umbrella bears the closest resemblance to the in-game design.

What is the Lightseeker Umbrella's STAR feature?

For a limited duration, the Lightseeker Umbrella’s STAR feature portrays the memory of the Lightseeker Umbrella while holding hands with friends. 

Will the STAR feature malfunction due to the daily use of the umbrella?

 No. The canopy of the Lightseeker Umbrella is water repellent. It does not accumulate water after soaking in rain and can be shaken dry. In addition, a special waterproof NFC chip is made to ensure its durability. 

Why is the STAR feature of the Lightseeker Umbrella designed on the umbrella strap?

There are two main reasons why the STAR is designed on the umbrella strap. Firstly, the STAR feature is designed to be integrated with the umbrella as its memory, and it can accompany you for a long time. Secondly, the uniqueness of STAR makes each umbrella precious and not replicable.

The original Lightseeker Umbrella was first introduced during the Season of Lightseekers in 2019, and it remained one of the most favored in-game cosmetics. In light of the memories the original Lightseeker Umbrella hold, we brought its magic into the real world and enchanted the STAR feature with its memories. Through rainfalls and bursts of sunshine, the Lightseeker Umbrella hopes to accompany you and your friends. The Lightseeker Umbrella is real, and so are all the moments of warmth and friendships in Sky. Under the Lightseeker Umbrella, our story begins.