What is Star?


As our symbol of authenticity, STAR is the cornerstone of our official merchandise collections. STAR is an NFC technology that we've embedded into some of our products — in the shape of a star! STAR gives you the ability to make real-life connections and experiences both inside and outside of Sky. Each STAR comes with a unique feature based on the item’s design allowing you to scan it with your compatible device to activate fun in-game features.

We will announce initial details and previews of each STAR feature on thatskyshop’s website and social media. These features can be used unlimited number of times but are designed with a single duration combined with a cooldown to allow for multiple uses. Please bear in mind that these initial details and previews are in-progress peeks, and final features may be different or adjusted.

No, STAR currently cannot unbind/rebind with the Sky account. Friendly reminder that when you activate the STAR for the first time, the question will pop out to ask whether you want to bind this STAR product to your Sky account permanently. You will be the exclusive STAR owner once the STAR is activated. STAR cannot transfer to another account after initial binding is finalized.

Infinite amount, you can even bind multiple pins of the same type. The exception is for the "You and I" Pin, which you will need to finish linking it to a friend before binding a new "You" or "I" Pin to your Sky account. See "Can I bind multiple 'You and I' Pins to my account" for binding new "You and I" Pins.

Yes. If you have linked with friend(s), you can always unlink in the game. Please note if you unlink an already linked pin - you would then first have to link it again before you can bind another "You" or "I" Pin. See "Can I bind multiple 'You and I' Pins to my account" for binding new "You and I" Pins.

Yes. The other player(s) would need a bound and unlinked "You and I" Pin opposite yours on their Sky account to pair with you, i.e., if you own an "I" Pin, the other player would need a bound and unlinked "You" Pin to pair with you.

Yes, with limitations. Players can only bind one type of the "You and I" Pins, i.e., if the player frist bound a "You" pin, the player can only bind "You" pins in the future. You would also need to finish linking the first pair before binding a new "You" or "I" Pin.

Yes! Players will need to finish linking the first pair before moving on to the second pair. In an event where you two want to unlink, all your linked pins would be unlinked. You would then need to link all your existing pins first before binding new "You and I" Pin to the account.

STAR is compatible with iPhone 7 or later iPhone models and Android NFC enabled devices. We recommend testing the usability of your device's NFC before buying NFC embedded products. You can also scan the STAR on a compatible device then switch to continue playing on an iPad if both devices are logging into the same Sky account.

Yes. STAR will be supported on the Mainland China Server on compatible devices at a future date, following a Global server update.

Most STAR product can be bound with one Sky account in the Global Server, one Sky account in the Mainland China Server, and one Sky account in the Beta Server. Server Support arrives at different time and server update is needed for every new STAR feature updates.

STAR features or details may be adjusted in the future. STAR features of Teleporting have the same behavior as if you were teleporting from the constellation in Home. Teleporting is disabled when you or your friend is in particular areas where teleporting is disabled.

The owners of STAR products with NFC features are STAR Members. We will release more updates in the near future!