How to scan STAR?

Login to Sky's Latest Version.

Click the Main Menu button.

Click the STAR button.

Scan the STAR product to activate the binding process.

STAR features are compatible with iPhone 7 or later, but most optimal with iPhone 8 or later iPhone models and requires iOS 13 or higher. They are also compatible with Android NFC enabled devices.
We recommend testing the usability of your device’s NFC before buying NFC embedded products. STAR products with high density of brass will require higher sensitivity of NFC sensors and closer contact compare to daily NFC uses like plastic transportation card. The sensitivity of the NFC scanner on early compatible models, refurbished devices and/or counterfeit devices may be unstable or defective. You can also scan the STAR on a compatible device then switch to continue playing on an iPad or other devices if both devices are logged into the same Sky account.

Click the Check Mark button to permanently bind the STAR product to your Sky account.

Scan the STAR product to complete the binding process.

Scan the STAR product again to use its feature.

Click the SKY NFC TAG to confirm the use.

Enjoy the STAR feature in Sky!

Friendly Reminder: The STAR feature is still under development and its effects and restrictions are subject to change in future iterations. While the feature can be used unlimited number of times, the effects can only be cast one at a time and has a cooldown period.

Please visit our FAQs page if you have more questions