How to scan STAR

What mobile devices are compatible with STAR features?

STAR features are compatible with iPhone 7 or later, but most optimal with iPhone 8 or later iPhone models and require iOS 13 or higher software versions. Currently, there are no iPads that support NFC. STAR features are also compatible with most Android NFC enabled devices. Due to the huge variety of Android devices on the market, we recommend testing the sensitivity of your device’s NFC scanner before buying NFC embedded products. Unfortunately, we cannot provide a full list of compatible devices. STAR products with a high proportion of brass will require NFC sensors with higher sensitivity and a closer contact compared to daily NFC uses like plastic transportation cards. STAR pins with needles might be more optimal with devices that have NFC sensors at the top of the phone. Alternatively, you can scan the STAR on a compatible device, then continue playing on another device like iPad if both devices are logged into the same Sky account.

For one-needle/two-needle pins