Pre-Order Policy

Official Sky merchandise is available for purchase during designated Pre-Order Periods and is either Limited-Edition or for Limited Time only. Pre-Order periods may vary from Flash-Sale to a few weeks. Different products have varying estimated release dates which are listed under product description.

The Pre-Order Closing Date is the last day to put in an order before thatskyshop starts production with our manufacturing partners. However, demand can be very high on certain items, and items may sell out before the Pre-Order Closing Date due to manufacturers' capacity. Closing Dates are subject to change for any reason as dictated by the distributor and/or manufacturer.

Please be advised that all Pre-Order purchases are made to order and final. Pre-Orders may not be canceled or refunded. Our production goal is to obtain as accurate as we can the count of Pre-Orders so that we can offer high quality products and eliminate production waste. The full amount including sales tax and shipping costs is charged at checkout. Duties and taxes may incur at customs and are the responsibility of the customer. An estimated release date for each product is listed under its product description. thatskyshop is not held liable for any unforeseen delays that may occur during release or shipping. For orders containing multiple items, the entire order won't be dispatched until every item is produced and inspected for strict quality control. If an item requires special separate packaging, it will be highlighted and mentioned in its product description.

If you have any questions regarding the Pre-Order policy or if you are experiencing problems with your existing order, please refer to our FAQs page for more detailed explanations. If you want to make any further inquiries, please contact us at We are dedicated to bringing you the most memorable Sky experience and appreciate your commitment to be on this path with us.